Heavensound is a full service studio offering a recording space ideal for solo artists, bands, small ensembles and voiceovers. Available services include recording, mixing and mastering, song writing, arranging, music production, vocal production and commercial audio.

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Between the great acoustics in our recording rooms and our beautifully maintained mics and gear, our engineers are well equipped to record virtually any audio source. Our 12’ X 12’ isolation booth is perfectly suited for anything from vocals to live drums. Our live room is versatile enough to host a band, string section or vocal ensemble.

Mixing & Mastering

Whether or not you recorded with us at HeavenSound Studio, we’ve got the expertise to get your project radio-ready.  We will work closely with you to bring your mix to life and deliver a quality master comparable only with industry leaders - No matter the genre.

Song Writing

Let us make music for you! Are you an artist suffering from writers block? Or someone in need of customized lyrics for a special occasion? Let us take a load off of your shoulders.  Our team of writers will take your ideas and turn them into the song of your dreams. 


If you are looking for the special touch of strings, brass or any other live instrument, we’ve got you covered. At HeavenSound Studio we are blessed to work with composers who have experience writing for television & radio who will do everything from composing a great score to bringing in the pro musicians to lay it down!

Music Production

We’re always working with cutting edge producers, pushing the boundaries between the music of today, and music of the future.  Each one is excellent in their own genre, and waiting for the chance to work with you at HeavenSound Studio.

Vocal Production

More and more singers are realizing the importance of having a great vocal producer coaching them in the studio.  It makes a world of difference, no matter how good a singer you are.   At HeavenSound Studio, the owner and lead engineer, Kibwe Thomas specializes in vocal production.  Working in the Canadian Idol house band, and with many major artists, live, and in-studio, has made him a true expert in pop vocals, R&B, gospel and rock.  Being able to relay quick tips on anything from enunciation to delivery will not only speed up your session, but give you a vocal performance better than you thought possible.  Combine that with advanced audio editing, and you will find it hard to track with anyone else.

Commercial Audio

“I can’t get that darn jingle out of my head!”, that’s what your customers will say after hearing your new ad produced by HeavenSound Studio.  We offer jingle production, unique audio logos, radio ads, Score to Picture and voice-overs for TV and radio.  You tell us what your company needs and we will get it done.

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