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About The Studio Heavensound Studio

HeavenSound Recording Studio - affordable audio recording services in a first rate Boutique environment.

HeavenSound Recording Studio was designed technically to achieve outstanding acoustics.  Each room’s unique asymmetrical layout, along with handcrafted acoustic baffles creates the perfect balance of sound absorption, reflection and diffusion!   Aesthetically, HeavenSound was designed to inspire confidence and creativity using elegant fabrics and colours that truly make the recording experience unforgettable. The studio is wired throughout with HD cameras and monitors for communicating with band-mates or staying connected while relaxing in the lounge. All cameras are record-ready making it easy to capture the magic “behind the scenes”.

Most professional recording studios boast large collections of outboard gear (pre-amps, compressors, limiters etc).  Though impressive, the fact is, during the average recording session, only a fraction of them are used.  Here at HeavenSound Recording Studio, our focus is on the quality and versatility of each piece.  In the end, our approach saves you money, while delivering the highest production standards.

Of course if there are special equipment requests, we will arrange to have these items on-site and ready for use.

Located just 35 minutes north of downtown Toronto, HeavenSound Recording Studio features a live room, isolation booth, control room and lounge.  Some of our services include recording, mixing, mastering, music production, and vocal production. See Services for a complete list. 

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